Thursday, June 10, 2010

NOLT Training for All Ages

NOLT Training Programs for all Ages

Since limited seats hence book as per a2A calender

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TatvLogy of ShwaasPathy

TatvLogy of ShwaasPathy the 2 latest Technologies brought out from the
Bhaaratiye Sanskriti ki Embedded Technology

Both these technologies are adopted by more than a few lacs of people across the globe and found them suitable to improve real life and remove confusion from real life created by junk of information boxes

Friday, April 2, 2010

Has kalikavtar arrived to do ground work for Kalki Avtar

NOLT training Programs to prepare self to be able to


Kalki Avtar when arrives on EARTH

I heard that Kalikavtar has already arrived to prepare ground for Kalki Avtar to Visit EARTH

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Learn to live Real life by connecting self to the Universe

NOLT Training Programs

to Know Self and connectivity with the Universe (Vedik Technology Way)

Following Training Programs are available to know self

1. Yug Vivechna

How Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug connected with the individuals life. each person comes across the MahaKumbh in self's Life but do not know what is to be done.

Actually each mahaKumbh means moving to Next Orbit of Life. due to ignorence of the connectivity of terms with real life one is not able to prepare SELF for that shift to next orbit.

Now Prof. Agarwal, Embedded Technology Guru and Janak Naveen samay Chakr: himself has developed these training programs supported by Two Latest technologies called ShwaasPathy and TatvLogy to really understand SELF and connectivity to the Universe, so that one can get the understanding of the meaning of Manushya Yoni (being human)

2. Vivah (Marriage) A YOG

In this training program the aspirants of marriage are made to know that marriage is not a instrument to produce KIDS but a Sadhna which can make you achieve the goal of Life at a much faster pace as compared to the people involve in Tapasya for many years but unable to achieve that much, what a married couple can achieve if understands the meaning of marriage based on Vedik Technology called KRD technology of 10 Dimensions

3. Golden Period of Kaliyug, a Vivechna

Akshya tritya 2009 declared the begining of Golden Period of kaliyug. But what does it mean and what preparations one has to do to take up all advantages of this Golden Period. Actually golden period of Kaliyug means Preparation for Satyug

4. Who is the Guru of Mother, A Vivechna

A universally known fact that " Mother is the first Guru of the new born Child " but what responsibilities she has to perform as a Guru was never conveyed to her. Who did not take the responsibility. Who is the Guru of the Mother ? This training program prepares both parents and society to make them take up the respective responsibilities after actually understanding self and the connectivity with the Universe

Write any querry to to understand any of the above in right direction. Time left is very less but still possible to get rid of this glut of irresponsibilities and start leading a good disease free longer life with Disease free Global society

Prof. Agarwal is available to answer all Q's related to real life. all Q's will be based on Vedik Technology or ShwaasPathy@youtube can be visited for more info on Activities of Prof. Agarwal